Mumford Commercial Consulting has been named as co-leader of the South Australian Hub-to-Hub (SA-H2H) Hydrogen Technology Cluster.

The South Australian Hub-to-Hub (SA-H2H) Hydrogen Technology Cluster will be the state’s home of hydrogen technology collaboration.

Led by Mumford Commercial Consulting and EfficientSee, the hydrogen cluster will promote supply chain innovation, manufacturing, and commercialisation of hydrogen focused technologies in South Australia. This initiative was seeded by NERA in 2020 in order to build capability in Australia as a world leader in the hydrogen value chain.

“The SA-H2H Hydrogen Technology Cluster will build supply chain scale by linking hydrogen supply and export hubs throughout the state” said Nicholas Mumford, co-cluster lead and Managing Director of Mumford Commercial Consulting.

“With strong support from NERA, the State Government, multiple SA based SME energy innovators and key industry stakeholders, we are confident in being able to quickly establish the SAH2H cluster and help drive hydrogen supply chain development” said Quentin Roberts, co-cluster lead and Managing Director of EfficientSee.

Founding supporters include NERA, The Government of South Australian (Department for Energy & Mining), SAGE Group, Santos, SIMEC Energy Australia, Orora, OZ Minerals, Tonsley Innovation District, Vibe Energy, Clean Peak Energy, Clean Carbon, GPA Engineering, Greenhill Energy, HYDI Hydrogen and Inside Infrastructure.

NERA CEO Miranda Taylor said: “South Australians are undoubtedly proud of the global firsts that have been achieved as their energy mix transitions to renewable, cleaner and lower carbon emitting options”.

“Hydrogen has a contributing role to play here and the South Australian government’s 2019 Hydrogen Action Plan outlines the economic and social benefits that can be attained by developing a hydrogen economy with local and global export potential”.

“I’m confident that the South Australian Hub to Hub Hydrogen Technology Cluster, led by EfficientSee and Mumford Commercial Consulting will contribute significantly to achieving South Australia’s goal of becoming a world-class renewable hydrogen supplier”.

South Australia’s Minister for Energy and Mining Dan van Holst Pellekaan congratulated NERA on the successful launch of a nationwide series of virtual hydrogen clusters.

“NERA’s South Australian hydrogen cluster will promote the development, deployment, and commercialisation of new hydrogen focused technologies and add to our state’s reputation as a producer and exporter of clean hydrogen to Asia and other regions.

“Following the launch of the State Government’s Hydrogen Action Plan in September 2019, we have continued to make steady progress against the key themes that will assist in the scale-up of clean hydrogen production for export and domestic consumption.

“By facilitating investment in hydrogen, establishing a world-class regulatory framework and deepening trade relationships and supply capabilities we are able to foster innovation and workforce skills so that our state can develop, export and integrate hydrogen into our energy system.

“I congratulate NERA for coordinating this launch across the country and specifically EfficientSee Pty Ltd and Mumford Commercial Pty Ltd here in Adelaide for establishing the South Australian Hub-to-Hub Hydrogen Technology Cluster. Over many years, these South Australian businesses have assisted and supported organisations to move toward a clean and efficient energy future. I look forward to the contribution the Hydrogen Technology Cluster will undoubtedly bring to the state’s developing hydrogen economy.”

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