Our Services

Commercial Negotiation

We bring specialist negotiation expertise to realise greater deal value for you, whether a provider or user of energy.

Commercial Due Diligence

We help you understand key risks & rewards of business critical transactions.

Commercial Strategy

We help you know your future business direction and value opportunities.

Business Development

We help grow your business by identifying and delivering value adding opportunities.

Project Commercialisation

We leverage our industry knowledge and network to market your energy off-take and help secure a bankable project.

Economic & Market Analysis

We help you understand the economics of energy markets and its impact on your business.

Project & Risk Management

We help streamline processes and resources to deliver a successful outcome that is within budget while effectively addressing any potential risks.

Gas, Electricity & Oil Markets

Staying updated on technological advancements, sustainability practices, and economic trends, enabling the identification of opportunities for innovation and investment while navigating the transition to renewable energy sources.

Renewables & Clean Energy

We help organisations address climate change and promote energy security to build a more sustainable and resilient energy future.

Decarbonisation & Sustainability

We help you transition towards cleaner, more sustainable energy sources to reduce overall carbon footprint.

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